The Curse of Strahd

Day 7

How violence can be used as a means to further anthropological goals

There is a common saying found within my many texts on Goliath society, and it roughly translates to: “There is no problem that cannot be solved with brute force.” After today I’m starting to understand where those vertically gifted warriors are coming from.

As previously mentioned, we visited the local death cult temple to seek shelter after Aloan attempted to murder our gracious host. Upon arrival, we were informed that the local cult leader was having a hard time keeping the bones of what his cult called a “Saint” safe from a rogue member of his “flock”

Research Note: The practices of this death cult still confused me; read over HOLY BIBLE and search for the ritual for transforming humans into sheep and if possible, attempt ritual on Aloan.
Addendum 1. No sign of ritual within the book, though a shepherd is mentioned ad nauseam. Further research needed.
Addendum 2. Aloan will not consent to the ritual. I have assured him that though the lack of guidelines given to me forced me to make some leaps of reason as to the ritual procedure, my knowledge of ritual magic and years of study would more than make up for any lack of guidance given; but still he refuses…for now
Addendum 3. After promising to attempt an altered version of the ritual involving dragons instead of sheep, Aloan agreed.
Addendum 4. The ritual was a failure, and I imagine I now owe the owner of the dilapidated home we nearly burned down an apology

We took up his plight and searched for the bone thief, when he refused to cooperate, Valk suggested we beat the answers out of him, unfortunately for her, Thorne managed to charm the madman before we could apply physical harm.

The information the shovel loving maniac gave us lead to the funeral home, where we more than made up for earlier in regards to violence. We first broke through the door, then with our first obstacle dealt with we proceeded to threaten the undertaker into telling us where he hid the bones. Much to our surprise, the bones were being kept in the same place as a group of vampires. Once again choosing to use violence, we managed to kill all of them and retrieve the bones, along with some curious clothes, some of which I recognize from Nightvale, although the lack of Illithid markings on them tell me they are from a great many years ago…

Regardless, we won. I never imagined something as simple as victory would feel so good, but after our encounter with the hags, it is a welcomed feeling.



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