The Curse of Strahd

Eliv's Journal Day 2

Of Vampires and Death Cults

So much for sleep… I could barely sleep with all the screaming and screeching. I was surprised to see however that it was not a swarm of Mandrake bugs but instead a long line of armour wearing ghosts marching through the streets of Borovia…this town grows more interesting by the minute.

I also noticed Borovian mornings aren’t much different from mornings in Nightvale. Both towns seem to be stuck in a sunless haze. Though while Nightvale is stuck in a never ending night, Borovia does have some change from its twilight like day to its late evening like nights.

My companions await me for breakfast, and I’m quite curious as to what a cursed town might consider good breakfast.
As it turns out, wine and slop is all you can get for breakfast here….I think I’ll take famine over food poisoning.
After eating what can only by the smallest margins be called “breakfast.” We were off to meet Erena. Unfortunately she refused to leave without proper burial services being given to her late father. After some negotiations, we were off to the church, leaving Skal behind to look after the sister.

As a side note, the people of Borovia follow a religion by the name of “Christianity.” From what little I know from my studies and what I could gleam from a quick skim through the HOLY BIBLE (a bit excessive with the capital letters but I assume there is religious significance to shouting) I was given, the religion revolves around the life and times of an exceedingly good man and amateur mage that managed to cast revivify on himself upon being crucified(I say amateur because it took a whole 3 days for the spell to work properly). Judging by the symbology they focus on though, they care more about his death than his life. I’ll have to do some more research, but I’m fairly certain they are a death cult of some kind.
The burial ceremony went fairly smoothly, though we did notice a few graves had multiple dates on them and had been recently disturbed. When we asked the head priest, he mentioned a curse that hangs over this town. Upon a person’s death their soul is reborn in another body, this cycle repeats ad infinitum until the curse is broken. This may explain the ghosts from last night.

Well, that did not go incredibly well. While we were off burying the burgomeister, Skal failed in his duties and allowed Erena to sip that suspicious water he got from the river. She went ballistic; screaming at everyone and everything, she only calmed down after she got herself drunk. In the middle of this chaos, Skal disappeared after being enveloped by a white light…I suppose it could be worse however, at least none of our heads have been transformed into parasitic mushroom beings like what happened to priestess Dana that one time.

We have decided we should continue on our journey to get Erena safety, hopefully we can fix this curse on the way there.

This is not at all what I expected when I received that black feather but one thing is for certain, this adventure has definitely been eventful.



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