Character Creation

Attributes: Players use Ability Point Cost @ 32 points.

Class: Only 1 type each allowed, IE: No two warriors.

Race: Must choose the ‘rarest’ sub-race trait.

Back Story: How did the characters get to Sigil’s “The Spotted Map” tavern?

  • DM note: This should be summarized up in a few pointed sentences, not paragraphs long descriptions.
  • On their home worlds, each character grew-up to lead an unremarkable life. Yet there’s always been this single incredible attribute about them, one that they’ve always either ignored or taken for granted.

DM Note: Players are welcome to create an origin story for their character, but aside from individual role-playing, it will not have a major affect on the campaign.

  • It’s at this time in their lives that figure of a man named Arrigal finds them, going about their lives as usual. He offers an invite to each character individually, one to a gathering that takes place in a city called Sigil – which is not on any plane of existence, but between. He explains that the meeting will occur once all invited members have arrived, and if they’re interested, must find an object called a ‘port-key’, to which they simple need to pickup. If they accept (they do ;), it is up to them to figure out what is it, where to find it, and overcome the dangers of it’s retrieval.

DM note: This is how characters have gone from lvl 0 to lvl 1.

Campaign Object: Arrigal gives each character a black feather and asked them to have it on their person upon arrival.

Key Narrative #1: What method and skills did they use to get the Port-Key?

DM note: This is determined by the highest Skill points and key Feats the player has chosen for their character.

Key Narrative #2: What is the Port-Key object?

DM note: It’s up to the player to choose what the object is, as it will be a social item which is somehow related to their character’s history.

Character Creation

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