The Curse of Strahd

Day 5

A dissertation on the importance of corvids and good branding

Common ravens, or Corvus Corax, are a large species of bird in the Corvidae family, commonly seen in cold climates and cities large and small. These birds are usually seen among common folk as pests and disease carriers.

I rarely came into contact with people who live outside of Nightvale before this adventure, but the people whom I have met that were not Corvian mutants themselves would often express a disdain for the creatures at best and a wish to kill them on sight at worst; siting their cawing and scavenging nature as the source of their bad reputation. Personally I have always been fond of these ominous blackbirds, and were I the type to keep a pet, I’d likely choose a raven above the usual owl or Faceless Screecher my fellow scholars kept.

I mention this only because since our arrival in this overcast land, I have yet to look up at the sky without seeing a raven flying above us or perched on a tree or building. Perhaps the people here are too depressed to keep them away, or maybe they have some significance to the people of Borovia, after all, was it not a raven feather that brought us all together? I will have to inquire further when we reach Vallaki, perhaps they can shed some light on our true purpose here.

Research Note: investigate meaning of impaled wolf heads and whether there is any relation to the Nightvale Hellhound Clean-up Day. If a connection is found, acquire hellhound and slaughter it to keep away The Black Dog of the Woods with a Thousand Young.
We have arrived at The Blue Water Inn, a tavern run by a married couple who go by the name of Dannika, the wife and Irwin the husband. The Blue Water inn was apparently named after the waterfall where Dannika and Irwin met; upon confronting the owners about the absurdity of the name of their tavern, I was reassured most patrons did not mind the name, in fact, many think it quite charming. Personally I see the name as redundant at the most optimistic and scientifically incorrect at the most pessimistic.

Ridiculous naming aside, the tavern is quite homely. Several severed wolf heads adorn the walls, remnants of a festival they have just wrapped up. After talking to Dannika about lodging, we have decided to have a drink before heading off to bed. Though i won’t partake in the drinking, it is always amusing to see people’s behavior change as they get drunk. Still no signs of speaking in tongues or sprouting tentacles from their eye sockets but I’m sure that will come in due time.

There is a special place in Baator reserved for minstrels and bards who throw their lives away pursuing a path of fictional story telling and singing. Rictavio is one such man. Rictavio and his pet monkey Piccollo are in Vallaki for some kind of festival, apparently the burgermeister here is fond of keeping the people in a constant state of celebration; I hope we can have a few words with him before we head out of town, this seems like a horrible waste of resources, especially when their closest neighboring cities are so lacking in supplies. Regardless, I must get some rest, Dannika forced us to keep Ireena in her own room, and my turn to watch over her door begins soon.

Research note: Ravens are seen as friends and protectors in Borovian culture, find out more about their significance and ask about raven feathers,Arrigal, Sigil and teleportation.



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