The Curse of Strahd

Day 6

Genasi: How Ethereal Recklessness Leads to Inelegant Diplomacy

A thesis by Eliv Thane

Genasi ( Homo Aetherium ) are the result of the crossbreeding of humans ( Homo Sapien ) and genies ( Genius Aetherium ). This ethereal lineage gives them a familiarity with the elements unlike any known sentient race in the Forgotten Realms. This connection to the elements however, is inversely proportional to their ability to understand social contracts and etiquette. This thesis stands to posit that Genasi should not be involved in diplomatic matters and will use a purely hypothetical scenario in which an Air Genasi has a verbal altercation with a wereraven and must find a reasonable solution to the problem.

Aloan, the hypothetical Genasi is insulted by a wereraven tavern owner giving him lodging, the wereraven is displeased with Aloan’s treatment of his fellow corvids and warns Aloan not to cause any more trouble for them in exchange for Aloan being left alone. Aloan’s actions could be explained to the wereraven as simple Genasi ignorance. Aloan however, lacking any understanding of law or proper escalation of conflict decides to instead lie in wait nearby the wereraven and attempts to freeze the air in its throat in an attempt to kill the wereraven.

From Aloan’s point of view, having been insulted and threatened is grounds for lethal retaliation, as the air may tear apart the stone if it is in the way. From the wereraven’s point of view however, being able to understand how members of a civilized society handle altercations this is a unwarranted act of attempted murder.

In conclusion, as evidence shows, Genasi lack the capacity for social nuance and must be kept away from diplomatic relations.

As my earlier entry implies, Aloan has cost us our lodgings in Vallaki, so I write this under a candlelit streetlamp in the cold streets outside the inn and will be sure to scold him appropriately later; for now however, there is information to record.

As I theorized earlier, the ravens we have encountered on our way here are not simple corvids but members of The Keepers of the Feather, guardians of Borovia and the surrounding towns. The Keepers are opposed to Strahd, and have been trying to kill him for a long time in the hopes of lifting the seemingly endless curse that holds the people of Borovia prisoners to an endless cycle in which they may die many times and live many lives, but never release their souls, rejoining the twisting, chaotic ether that serves as the food to satiate the quasi organic construct slowly approaching our reality, hewn from dark metals and hot gemstones, with the singular purpose to consume all that is, was or ever will be in its massive pseudo-metallic maw, using it as fuel to power its never ending crusade against creation itself.

While this may explain the distant echoing screeching and grinding of gears made from nothingness we all hear in our deepest slumbers, it hardly explains why we were brought here in the first place. Unfortunately, we were unable to get a straight answer from Irwin, instead we were told to find the whine and prove ourselves strong enough for what he plans for us in the future.

I must lay my head to rest now, Aloan’s altercation cost me my sleep last night and we have plans to visit the death cult church later this evening and I must be at full alertness if I am to learn all I can from the visit.



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