The Curse of Strahd

Eliv's Journal Day 1

The Adventure Begins

Eliv Thane’s Travel Journal

Day 1:

Today has certainly been an eventful day…upon touching that obsidian idol I had found at the Nightvale Community Temple, I was transported to a strange looking town. I tried to discern where I was or where I’d need to go but the streets seemed literally endless, as though i could walk through them for all eternity and never reach an exit. Before taking on that journey, I decided to look around, after all, I was summoned here by that man that gave me the black feather, and I assumed he would be meeting me here. Luckily, I was quickly able to find a fellow feather holder by the name of Thorne.

Thorne is a halfling, she has a nervous air to her, though whether or not that comes from the strangeness of our situation or from her personality is still a mystery to me.

After short conversation and proper introductions, we decided to gather information at the bar. Once there, Thorne disappeared from my side and we only reunited after a lot of directionless wandering on my part. When I finally found her, she was sitting at a table with a group of similarly confused looking individuals.

Talon is a paradoxical man, supposedly he is a cleric, though he lacks the air of self righteousness and nobility most texts attribute to men of the cloth. He says his deity calls for his kind of behaviour, though I am still not certain as to whether that is an accurate description of a god or a convenient excuse from a lax cleric. Regardless, he seems like someone good to have around if we are to ever find ourselves in medical troubles.

Valk, a towering monolith of strength seems to be much more charismatic than one would think by looking at her. She explained to me that she is a “paladin;” something akin to Nightvale’s own Pelagic Deep Knights, though from what she’s explained, paladins focus more on the pursuit of good and destruction of evil than the kidnapping of fishermen’s first sons to train them to fight for some unknowable cause.

Skal is the most curious of them all however… the angelic looking winged man is fond of flirting with any woman he sees, regardless of their willingness to flirt back. He says he is a druid, a fact even I was able to gather from his naturally healthy appearance and choice of clothing. How flirtation with women relates to druidism however, I have yet to find out.

The more I learn about my traveling companions the more questions I have… But, it’s like my father used to say: “The more you learn, the less you know” before going into fits of unintelligible screaming and arm flailing.

Once we were all gathered at the table, our feathers merged together and we were introduced to a grim looking, but familiar man; The very man that had given us our feathers…Arrigal.

Arrigal then handed us a letter that to my surprise, was not magically trapped Note to self: always let Talon handle the possibly trapped objects. The letter was an invitation from a man by the name of Strahd, he explained that he was the one responsible for our arrival and that he alone could return us to where we came. Now I may be old fashioned, but when someone goes through all the trouble of sending invitations via feather wielding proxies over multiple dimensions, I am inclined to follow common courtesy and take them up on their offer, though I have yet to hear from the rest of the group, and for that I must stop writing, lest they think I am ignoring them….
Thankfully the rest of our group agreed, and the next thing we knew we found ourselves face down in a swamp. After surveying our surroundings, and finding out we had only one option of travel; We decided to make our way down the trail and to hopefully less wet surroundings. I can barely get the ink on the parchment as it is.
So… an interesting bit of information has been made apparent to me…when being followed by wolves, do not attempt to feed them as they may become hostile and take the rest of the food by force. In other news, we came across a large, seemingly dilapidated gate, and on the other side were the remains of a presumably local man; He was clutching a letter calling for anyone headed this way to turn back and seal the place for fear of a vampire causing misery and curses( I personally found the letter to be a little melodramatic, after all there are much worse things than vampires…It could always be demons. )
We’ve finally arrived at our destination! And what a destination Borovia is!

The people here seem dreary but kind, not an hour passed since our arrival at the tavern, that we were invited for drinks at Ishmar’s table, which the group took very much to heart…

It amazes me how much alcohol these people consume without showing even a little bit of signs of the madness that comes from whispers of elder beings forever slumbering beneath. Perhaps alcohol wasn’t what caused uncle Cecil’s awkward display at family reunion day. I’ll refrain from drinking until I’m sure though.

Ishvar has graciously paid for our accommodation with a simple caveat of being extorted into accepting it as payment for helping his sister escape Borovia. And with that in mind, I finish my daily notes and will get some well deserved sleep.


This is awesome!!! :)

Eliv's Journal Day 1

Nice! I approve.

Eliv's Journal Day 1

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